The Last First Day of School for the Year

While all the girls really started school back in August, Rebekah’s Classical Conversations classes didn’t start until this week.


So we are officially back to full time status for everyone—well, almost. We still haven’t found what we’re looking for to help us with Spanish for Jenna. But it’s not like she isn’t doing enough. But it is a different year for her. Instead of lots of little assignments due every week, she has several large ones due every five weeks or so. The first round of those is upon her. This year is also a transition as her and her classmates take turns leading the discussion in both the philosophy class and the Shakespeare class. They have all done a nice job so far.

While it has been cool and humid all summer, a real change blew through last night. There’s a cool, dry breeze today, lots of blue skies, and it is supposed to be in the low 50s tonight.

We are a month away from getting to see family again when we celebrate Morgan’s and Thomas’s wedding. Dana and I decided it was time for a new suit since the only one I have is the same one I wore when I interviewed for my first job back in 1992. It still fits (barely), but Morgan was two then, so maybe it is time for a new one.

The girls are working again on Saturdays taking money at the gate and working the concession stand at the soccer games. I think they’re making $7 something an hour. And Jenna has been commissioned to try her hand at making a device out of yarn that would be a deterrent for someone sucking their thumb. Think of it as a glove without the four fingers. So if it works—we’ll post pictures if it does—and you know anyone looking for something like that. Let us know, and she’ll sell you one.


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