Happy New Year

The Baileys left early this morning on their way back to Texas, but we had a great time while they were here and are thankful for them coming to visit.


2013 was a great year in many ways (you can go back through and see all the fun things we’ve done), and I don’t know that we’d change anything even if we could. We look forward to what the new year brings with our oldest, Jenna, being a senior in high school starting in August and our youngest, Rebekah, entering 7th grade. Lots of new things, I am sure, are on the horizon.

It was a wet year with just shy of 78 inches of rain. I know that doesn’t quite measure up to the record 100+ inch rain in Clarksville way back when, but it was still a lot of rain. December helped out with almost 9 inches. The December temps were just about the same as the last three years, but much warmer than that first winter we spent here. Though January is shaping up to be rather cold with some forecasts for single digits next week.

There has been rumors of a bald eagle in the neighborhood, and our neighbor saw one last week on the side of the road eating on a dead deer. Today I was coming home along the river instead of the main highway and saw a rather large bald eagle sitting in the a tree looking out over the river. Wish I had my camera. I will definitely have to take that drive again with a camera in the coming days and see if I can see him again.

School is about to start up again. Weather permitting, the girls go back to class on Tuesday, but Monday will have them doing work to get ready. I also have quite a bit of work to do to get ready for Tuesday.

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