College? and Church Move?

No! Not yet. Unfortunately, college decisions are upon us. Almost daily Jenna gets mail from some college or another and emails show up several times a day. We’ll take our first official college visit this weekend (actually just Dana and Jenna as I have a meeting all day Saturday) to



Actually, we don’t really think that she will go there, but it’s close (20 minutes), and before we go to


the first weekend in April, we thought it would be good to get a feel of what a college visit is like. So Young Harris is a trial run for us before heading out east to Tarheel land in a couple of weeks. We need to visit some more places, but at this point, we’re not really sure what those other places are. Jenna is taking the ACT on April 12. The fun has begun.

We have been looking for a larger building for our church for quite some time (like almost since we arrived). Nothing has worked out or been something we could afford. But another opportunity has arisen. It’s a possibility that the tenant next door to us, who has twice the square feet that we have, might be moving into a larger building that is going up at the other end of the property. If that happens, there is a chance we could have his place. Nothing is for certain yet, but maybe our space problems can be alleviated soon.

Now that spring has arrived, officially, and hopefully in temperatures too, we are thinking about the garden. First priority: electric fence.


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