Chapel Hill

After a day full of adventure, we got home from Chapel Hill late last night. But we didn’t get home with everything we took. We did bring Jenna home, but we left the van in Waynesville, hopefully not permanently! Thankfully it decided to die at a stop light looking for a place to eat instead of on the curvy I-40. We rented a car, got the van towed, and continued the journey home.

The rest of the trip however was enjoyable. We got to see some old friends from Texas on Thursday night and had a wonderful tour of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus by a girl from here who is a junior out there.

It is a beautiful campus.


DSC_3306 - Version 2

No idea if that’s where Jenna will end up, but we’re glad we got to look around and get some information. The next two places on the list to visit are Appalachian State up in Boone and Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. 


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