Wisdom Teeth, Travel, Air

Jenna had her wisdom teeth successfully extracted on Tuesday. They said it could take up to an hour, but that wasn’t quite how it went. Thankfully, it was much better. From sedation to awake it took all of 14 minutes. She is doing well.

I fly to Texas next week for my 3rd annual sermon writing retreat with some seminary friends. At this rate, I’ll qualify for a free flight in 2032.

The van which broke down coming home from Chapel Hill is working again (though without an A/C). While we can manage for now, I’m thinking that will need to be fixed before we go to Texas this summer! Dana and I took it to Tennessee this past weekend for a marriage conference. Neither of us melted. Jenna and I also took it to Tennessee to get her wisdom teeth out, but since it was snowing that day, there was no need for the A/C to be working.

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2 Responses to Wisdom Teeth, Travel, Air

  1. Sheri says:

    I can empathize about the air conditioner. Mine on the truck goes to heat sometimes when I have the AC on. Doesn’t feel too good in the summer!

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