Just in Time

We finish up the school year tomorrow—for the most part. Tomorrow is the last day of Jenna’s and Lauren’s CC classes. Jenna will still take a Chemistry final at home, and Lauren has mock trial at the courthouse on Friday. Rebekah has a little math left to finish up. And Rebekah and Lauren still have end of year state testing to do. They will take the Stanford Achievement Test on the 20th and 21st. Then we will have a senior, sophomore, and 7th grader! Since Jenna took the ACT, that counts as her end of year test. And she did well on it—32. I’m sure she’ll take it again in the fall, but we are very proud of her hard work.

And school is coming to a close just in the nick of time. The neighbor came over this morning and did this.


Now we just need to install the electric fence and we’ll be ready to go.

After the long winter, things have greened up around here, and our irises we planted last year are blooming.




We can’t wait for our trip to Texas, which is just around the corner. That will begin a busy summer with the girls going to camp and Jenna working at camp again and me going for training again to tutor CC. I’ll be moving back down to tutor the big group of kids that are in Lauren’s class.

We’re also shopping for another vehicle. My little blue car is on hospice with a leaking transmission and a starter that is going out that we won’t fix on a 20 year old car. It will be hard to replace that one, as it got over 30 mpg. And we hope to have the A/C fixed on the van before we come to Texas. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well.


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