The Last Day and Why Homeschool Rocks

This morning Lauren and her class had their mock trial at the Cherokee County Courthouse. They had a local attorney serve as an administrator, the county magistrate as the judge, and two sheriff investigators were on the jury. Each of those people were beyond impressed at how well the kids did. The magistrate said that he had seen law school mock trials not go as well. The local attorney posted this on her facebook page:

“My congratulations to the local co-op homeschool group using the Classical Conversations curriculum. They presented their end of year mock trial this morning in the Cherokee County Courthouse main courtroom. I was very impressed at the level of proficiency in general, much less for their ages. I have always been a proponent of homeschool, and that sealed the deal. Those kids are extremely bright and well prepared. We have a terrific group of young people coming to adulthood soon. I enjoyed being their administrator and thoroughly enjoyed spending a morning watching them complete their semester with a bang. Good luck on your testing and congrats again!”

Of course, we are not surprised. They all worked very hard…


…most of the time.



I will get to tutor most of those kids next year, as all but 3 or 4 are moving up to the next level, and I’m moving back down. That should be lots of fun.

Rebekah finished her math, and Jenna finished her 50-question chemistry final this afternoon. So other than two days of Stanford testing in a week and a half, we are finished! And it has been a good year; the girls have worked hard and learned lots. We are very proud of all they have accomplished: Rebekah Memory Mastered again (being able to recite in one sitting—between an hour and an hour and a half—all the things they have memorized this year: 161 event time line, 24 history facts, 24 science facts, multiplication tables through 15×15, squares, cubes, and other math properties and formulas, Latin conjugations, geography, and English grammar). Lauren placed first in the science fair, survived logic, and her team won the mock trial this morning. And Jenna completed several in depth research papers, read (and enjoyed) five Shakespeare plays (ok, maybe not Henry V), made an A in a very demanding chemistry class, and, of course, rocked the ACT.

We are looking forward to the full summer now: trip to Texas, camp for all the girls and then Jenna working an extra week at camp, a family trip to Charlotte for a one-day creativity conference with the girls favorite author/musician Andrew Peterson, 3 days in Chattanooga for me for training for tutoring next year’s Classical Conversations, maybe a college visit or two, and hopefully growing and canning lots of veggies.


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