Home and Away

The two older girls got back from camp last night. Maybe they’ll share a little about their time in the near future. We turn around this afternoon and head to Charlotte for the girls’ end-of-the-school-year-thanks-for-working-so-hard reward: a creativity conference put on by one of their favorite authors and musicians, Andrew Peterson. The girls always amaze me with their creativity, whether in crafts or writing or music or art, and hopefully, this will encourage them to continue on with excellent work. And maybe they’ll learn a thing or two in the process.

Next week, Dana and I head out once again as I have training in Kentucky for the tutoring I do through the school year. It’s also Dana’s birthday, so it will serve as a birthday get away as well.

The garden seems to be doing much better this year than last year: no fungus, no deer (yet). But I’ve hardly been up there with the coming and going and the rain. We’ve picked one cherry tomato so far, but things are growing and getting bigger and blooming and setting fruit, so we are hopeful and thankful to God for the opportunity to plant and grow some of our own food. At some point in time, I’ll post some pictures.

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