Old Friends, New Starts

We had the pleasure of some old friends stopping by yesterday on their short time in the states this summer.


Becky and Dana were friends in college. Rich and Becky have been living and working in North Africa for 20 years. It has been several years since we’ve seen them, and it was good to catch up with what is going on with them. We keep thinking that one of these days we’ll get to travel to see where some of our friends happen to live who are scattered around the globe.

Today was also the first day of Rebekah’s 7th grade year.

DSC_0004She’ll be busy with math and science, geography and Latin, literature, writing, and critical thinking. While Jenna’s and Lauren’s official classes don’t start until the 18th and 26th respectively, they both also began a little work today in preparation for what is to come.

And that means that my “school” starts as well. Here’s my fall reading stack.


I really should get started!


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