Cliff Jumping

After church today some of the youth (and adults) drove up to a place we think is called Lambert’s Cove, which was formed by continual releasing of vast amounts of water from Nantahala Lake. The cove is about 20 feet deep and the rocks overhanging range from about 10 above the water to about 50 or more. The particular rock the guys are standing on below is 35 feet up. We wouldn’t let any of our guys go up higher, though there were some other people there who jumped from the two ledges above and behind the one our guys are standing on.

DSC_0001aJenna was the first Herrington and the first girl to go off the big rock:




The other girls went off one of the lower ledges.



And despite the fact that I hate heights, I even was talked into jumping off.

DSC_0084And in case you’re wondering, the concave shape in the front of that big rock was made from the force of the water that flies across the cove when the are letting water out of the dam. You wouldn’t want to be caught up there when they’re doing that!



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