Construction and Production

Our house has been under the weather lately, and we’ve all been out of our normal places. A couple of weeks ago (maybe more, we’ve lost track), part of the girls’ closet was ripped out as the tub in their bathroom has been leaking, apparently for a loooong time, probably since before we moved in. The resulting smell moved them out of their room. So all three girls have been upstairs since then, and Dana and I have moved into Jenna’s room, with Rebekah’s and Lauren’s room taped off and closed. Late last week, they came back and took out the bathtub and removed the subfloor, and so since then, we’ve had a hole in the house and several loud fans running non-stop—and a dehumidifier and a HEPA filter. Today the fans were taken away and the reconstruction process is supposed to begin tomorrow. The new tub/shower won’t be in until next Tuesday.



On a positive note: the chickens are earning their keep.




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2 Responses to Construction and Production

  1. Sheri says:

    Mold–yuk! At least you can enjoy the fresh eggs. Nothing like them. Wish I had chickens!!

  2. mdjlrnc says:

    Yes, yuck. But hopefully all is fixed. They’ve been here all day today reconstructing the sub floor and putting the girls closet back together.

    You mean Paul won’t let you have chickens in the back yard?

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