A Christmas Caroly Week

I usually read A Christmas Carol every year in December. This year, we’ve also seen it/heard it twice. On Sunday evening one of the churches in town put on a production, so we went as a family. For an amateur production, it was really lots of fun and well done.

Every year, the Folk School has a guy do a dramatic reading of an abridged version of A Christmas Carol (that Dickens himself wrote so that someone could read it in under an hour). I’ve wanted to go for the last couple of years, but something has always conflicted. We thought there would be a conflict this year, but a last minute change of plans allowed Dana and I to go tonight. It was also enjoyable.



The church youth Christmas party is Friday night, and we are having several of Lauren’s friends spending the night. They are going to work on debate together–they have their first debate next Tuesday—and then go to the party.


Lauren took the PSAT a year early for the practice. She got her scores back recently and was only 7 points away from what this year was commended. She placed in the 94th percentile of the juniors who took the test.

And Jenna made a 34 on her second go round on the ACT. Needless to say, she is finished taking standardized tests. She also finished up her junior college classes today with her history exam. She’ll take two more classes in the spring.

No snow in the forecast, but we still have 15 days until it becomes necessary.

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