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Heat and Cold

The heat was fixed on Monday. And Tuesday morning it snowed—a little. And so the girls made a little snowman.

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It’s cold in here, but the chickens are colder.

We don’t have any heat and haven’t for a week now. The heat pump still works, but heat pumps really don’t work when the temperature drops into the 30s and certainly not when it is in the 20s. It is … Continue reading

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The girls explained to me that my last post was not very clear. And it seems that others have thought so as well. So to clarify: the chickens are alive and well. It is all the work they require when … Continue reading

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Chicken Care and College Costs

The temperatures the last three mornings have been 1°, 13°, and 7°. The highs (other than today) have been barely above freezing if that. Water freezes at 32°. Chickens need water. Enough said. On another, more happy note: we paid … Continue reading

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Houses—Edible and Not So Much

The cousins were in the house building mode yesterday. First it was outside where they constructed this in the woods: Then last night the annual gingerbread house making commenced. And of course more games and another puzzle. They are back … Continue reading

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