It’s cold in here, but the chickens are colder.

We don’t have any heat and haven’t for a week now. The heat pump still works, but heat pumps really don’t work when the temperature drops into the 30s and certainly not when it is in the 20s. It is our back-up, propane heat that is not working. Supposedly a part has been ordered. It gets down to the mid 50s in the house by morning. We have some space heaters, but schooling has been taking place under blankets for at least part of the mornings. Thankfully, the afternoons have been nice and warm for the last couple of days, but that is supposed to change soon. I’m just glad I’m not in a chicken coop!

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2 Responses to It’s cold in here, but the chickens are colder.

  1. josh v. says:

    I know the feeling! We keep our house at 68, but the basement can get as low as 56…and that’s where my office is. I hope they get things fixed soon! In the meantime, blankets and space heaters can be nice.

  2. Sheri says:

    I’m cold also–can never get warm in the Winter. . I’ll be so happy to see Spring!! Yes, I’m glad I’m not a chicken. But do they stay warm in their coop? We are bird watching here. I received a heated bird bath f or Christmas from Paul and Dawn–we are doing Project Feeder Watch for Cornell.

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