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Snow and Snow Ice Cream

We finally got the snow—and then some more. It snowed Monday night about 3-4 inches. Lauren and I missed our Classical Conversations day, which means we’ll now go into May (still a whole lot better than June!). Rebekah’s class made up … Continue reading

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Better than Snow Ice Cream

There wasn’t enough snow for snow ice cream and only barely enough for Rebekah to construct this tiny snowman: But what little we got was pretty while it lasted (it’s raining now, and the snow is all but gone). At … Continue reading

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Three for Three and A New Garden

Jenna is now three for three in acceptance letters:   And I’ve decided to abandon the former garden plot for this spring. The soil is poor and the deer are incorrigible, so we are going to do raised beds beside … Continue reading

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We’ve been talking for awhile about going to the Folk School on Tuesday nights to take contra dance lessons. While we haven’t made that yet, some of the homeschool families from our Classical Conversations group got together and took ball room … Continue reading

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