We’ve been talking for awhile about going to the Folk School on Tuesday nights to take contra dance lessons. While we haven’t made that yet, some of the homeschool families from our Classical Conversations group got together and took ball room dancing lessons last night. It was lots of fun for the parents and the kids.


Earlier in the week, Dana and I got away for a prayer retreat at Ridgecrest Conference Center on the other side of Asheville in Black Mountain. We got to eat at a couple of places, including the best Mexican Food we’ve had since we’ve been here. We also had crêpes at a small French Restaurant.



After this week, Lauren and I have our first of two breaks this semester from classes. Hopefully that will give me some extra time to catch up with Jenna. She’s writing her senior thesis on C.S. Lewis’s fiction, and I have a decent amount of reading to do in order to properly grade it!



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  1. Contra dancing is so fun! I’m just learning–do it. 🙂

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