Spring, Camp, Writing, and Dancing

Spring is thinking about getting here. It hasn’t been below freezing in several days. The daffodils are blooming in a few places, but the trees are not in the game—yet. And since the average date of the last freeze is early May, we’re still in for some cold weather, I’m sure. But I’ve taken advantage of the warmer temps to begin work on the raised bed. I got the boards put up today. Now I just need to fill it all with dirt and begin planting!

Jenna found out today that she will be working at camp again this summer. She will be on workstaff and is working the second half of the summer, from the first part of July until early August. Then she’ll be home for about a week before turning around and heading back to Mississippi for school. We still haven’t heard if Lauren will be working or not. She applied for the same job Jenna did two summers ago, which is the last three weeks of camp.

I went to my first meeting of a writing critique group tonight. I’ve been wanting to be a part of one for a while, but didn’t know of any around here. I saw an ad in the paper a while back, and then ran into the guy who heads it up the other night, and so tonight was my first experience. It was fun. It only meets once a month, but that’s probably about right for my schedule.

I met the this guy a couple of weeks ago at the Folk School where Dana and I have been going on Tuesday nights for contra dance lessons. It’s lots of fun (cross between square dancing and English ball room dancing—think Pride and Prejudice, but with a fiddle and a banjo). They offer free dancing (for beginners and experienced) on Tuesday nights for one hour, and then every other Saturday, they have a three hour dance for those who know what they are doing, and it costs $7 per person. We’re not ready for the Saturday night thing yet, but maybe soon. And we’ve got to work up to a three hour dance session. We’re pretty tired after just one hour.

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