Senior Trip

Jenna’s senior trip has come to an end, but it was a great time.

We began with a long, ten hour drive through constant rain to the outer banks of NC. Despite the rough beginning, the next two days were wonderful weather-wise. Great views, good seafood, and some history marked our time.


The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse:IMG_0217

View from the lighthouse:IMG_0204

Shipwreck on the beach:IMG_0274  IMG_0290 - Version 2 IMG_0374

IMG_0413 IMG_0420 - Version 2

IMG_0422IMG_0464 IMG_0466



And despite the beauty of the water, it was rather cold:


From there we headed north to DC to stay with cousins. Four full days ensued: two on the National Mall, one at Mt. Vernon and the Air and Space museum northwest of town, and one at Gettysburg and Harper’s Ferry.

Day 1: Library of Congress, National Archives, Art Museum, and Museum of Natural History.

The Gutenberg Bible:IMG_0499

Inside the Library of Congress:IMG_0505IMG_0522IMG_0516IMG_0526

While we missed the main blooming of the cherry blossoms, the tulips were everywhere!




Day 2: Mt. Vernon and the Air and Space Museum (the one not on the mall). And more fun with the cousins.

IMG_0594 IMG_0561

The view of the Potomac from Mount Vernon:IMG_0536 IMG_0534


The Space Shuttle DiscoveryIMG_0622


Day 3: Gettysburg and Harper’s Ferry

Little Round Top from below:DSC_0053

And  from above:DSC_0069 DSC_0081

Picket’s Charge from the Union Side: DSC_0115


The Shenandoah:DSC_0148

Day Four: Monuments on the Mall and the Capitol

IMG_0723 IMG_0746 IMG_0765 IMG_0786 IMG_0804 IMG_0828 IMG_0848

The dome of the Capitol (under renovation):IMG_0856


Great time and great hospitality from the Watzlavicks. Now it’s time to start thinking about and saving for the next Senior Trip. Lauren’s is only two years away!



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  1. The Garners says:

    What a wonderful trip!

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