Rebekah was the first Herrington girl to finish the school year. Jenna finished Pre-Cal today and just has to finish up her thesis to be finished not just with the year but with high school! Lauren still has one more meeting with her class on Tuesday and some math to do after that. That’s the weird thing about homeschool. Nobody finishes at the same time, nor do they finish all their subjects at the same time. Everyone sort of just glides into the finish.

And while one might think the pace would slow down, I’m not sure it will. May alone will be busy: Jenna has staff training in Mississippi, Rebekah takes a field trip next week, Lauren has a piano recital in a couple of weeks, Dana is organizing the end of year Stanford testing for the homeschool group, I have three work trips this month: Charlotte, Knoxville, and Simpsonville, SC, and Jenna graduates in three weeks. And then summer starts with a trip to Texas and girls going to camp. And it looks like I’ll be going along with our church’s youth group to camp this summer as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to summer camp! Despite the busyness, we are all looking forward to the change of pace, warmer days, and no school!

Oh, and we’ve been eating spinach from the garden for the past few days:


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