Here, There, and Everywhere

Well, June has arrived. One set of trips down, another large one to come. In the two weeks preceding Jenna’s graduation, I’ve been to Greenville, SC; Charlotte, NC; Jackson, MS; Lake Forest Ranch; Birmingham, AL; and Atlanta—twice. And then Jenna graduated!10402786_10153250452259463_5404219729022100714_nIMG_1041 IMG_1037


We also had a great visit with family who made the loooong trip to be with us: Thanks Papa Jack and Nana, Lulu and Popo, and Aunt Beth and Kendall.

The Sunday after graduation, we went hiking at Fire’s Creek with Dana’s sister and niece.

IMG_1069 IMG_1071 IMG_1088

I took Dana to the airport this morning to fly to Texas to spend some time with her mom and dad. We haven’t starved yet! And hopefully I will remember the whens and wheres of dentist and orthodontist appointments, driver’s license exams, and piano lessons this week.

And finally, we finished off the last half gallon of Blue Bell in NC.

IMG_1143Ok, maybe someone still has some in their freezer, but surely, we were one of the few!


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3 Responses to Here, There, and Everywhere

  1. That’s the name if that ice cream in Louisiana. .loved it

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