Back Home—and Leaving Again!

The trip to Texas was a quick 2800 miles, but enjoyable (except for the need to visit the chiropractor after 15 hours of driving on the way there). Some of the highlights:

A strange duck on a fence:


Some old bones:



One last visit to the farm:


Goofy times with friends:


An alpaca:



More friends:



A visit with Gran:


Meeting a new nephew:


And on the way back, Freshman orientation for Jenna.



Plus other highlights, family, more friends, sights and last of all—

Texas sunsets:



But the fun doesn’t stop. Tomorrow we take Jenna to Mississippi where she will be on work staff at Lake Forest Ranch for the rest of the summer. She will reappear briefly in August before heading off to Belhaven.

I have read to her almost every night for the last 18 years. Tonight we will finish the last book. We’ve read everything from Good Night Moon to the Lord of the Rings and so many in between. We’re finishing on a series by N.D. Wilson called 100 Cupboards. We have 20 pages left. Might be the hardest 20 pages I’ve ever read.




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