Our youth leader and I just got back from taking nine kids to Lake Forest Ranch in Mississippi for their mission camp. The camp buses in 250+ kids from around the county (one of the poorest counties in the state) for a sports camp and sends out several other campers to run VBS at several area churches. Six of our kids stayed and helped with sports camp, and three (including Lauren) went to area churches to help with VBS. Most of the kids in our youth group are introverts, so you can imagine that they were a little nervous at having to lead groups of 10-12 kids from the county in Bible study and keeping them all together for the other activities that went on during the day. They all did a great job and stepped out of their comfort zones and loved on the kids from Noxubee County.


One of the pluses is we got to see Jenna who has been working there since June.


One of the minuses is that we left Lauren there to work for the rest of the summer.


Speaking of Lauren, she’s now driving:


Hopefully, she won’t get too out of practice while she’s at camp.

The garden is growing and we are eating zucchini, tomatoes, green beans, and peppers. While I was gone, Dana canned six pints of jalapeños. She also got some second peaches from the farmers market and canned ten pints of peach butter.

And with that, summer is almost over. Rebekah starts back on August 11; we take Jenna to college on August 14; and Lauren and I start on August 18.

For Father’s Day, Dana got me Harper Lee’s novel, Go Set a Watchman. It arrived while we were at camp. I’m starting it today. I don’t have great expectations, but I hope it is at least decent.



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2 Responses to Camp

  1. Sheri says:

    What is peach butter? I will be interested to see how you like the book.

  2. mdjlrnc says:

    Like a peach jam, I guess. Not sure how Dana makes it. I’m over a third of the way finished with the book. It’s been interesting to see (as it was written first) how she changed some scenarios in To Kill A Mockingbird. Not surprising that happened as they were not meant to be a cohesive story. If someone was thinking that, they will be sorely disappointed. The writing is not as good as TKAM, but the story is, so far, intriguing.

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