Camp Part II

Last week, we took Rebekah and a friend to camp. It was good to see Jenna and Lauren again, even if for only a few minutes. The house was awfully quiet without the girls.

IMG_1431 IMG_1435


Rebekah got back last night. We get Jenna and Lauren back tomorrow evening. They are catching a ride with another staff person to Chattanooga, which will save us another trip to Mississippi. Seeing how we are going back to take Jenna to college at the end of next week, we don’t need another trip. I’ve been to Mississippi six times since May. I think that is enough.

We’ve been fighting the effects of a tussle between our cat and a skunk all week. The smell in the house is mostly gone, minus one section of the couch where the cat jumped on when she first came in. She, however, despite a couple of baths, still stinks. Rebekah and I will tackle her again this afternoon with some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap. We’ll see.

The garden continues to do well, except the okra will not bloom. We are over run with tomatoes and peppers; the green beans are doing well; and the squash has been pulled up as it was spent and dying.

Our chickens have finally figured out they can get out of the back yard by jumping over the fence. I wondered how long it would take them to do that. As long as a dog doesn’t come wandering through the yard… But we have had to fortify the coop. About a month ago, a raccoon dug under and took one of the little white chickens (Pinta), so we are now down to two. But, it seems, he took the least productive of the three. When we had three we were getting about 14 eggs a week. Now we are getting 11-12 eggs a week. Clearly, Pinta was not holding her own. Nina and Santa Maria seem to be doing well, enjoying the plethora of bugs the yard has to offer and spending most of their day under the porch in the shade. When I walk outside with the red plastic cup and garden gloves, they follow me, knowing I am going to collect Japanese beetles off the green beans to feed them. Minus raccoons, I guess it’s not a hard life.

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