1st Day of School: Part II

After the turn around trip to Mississippi to get Jenna to school, Lauren and I started a couple of days later. Here’s her class on their first day back:


It’s a great bunch of kids, and we are looking forward to another great year. We study Latin II (though Lauren is doing Spanish this year), British Literature, Biology, Algebra II, Western Cultural History, and Logic.

Jenna has begun classes as well and enjoys them all so far. She also got a job in the financial aid office, working 10 hours a week. Thankfully that requires no weekends as she hopes to occasionally head back to camp to work a retreat here and there this semester. Her first one will be a family camp labor day weekend.

Since we’ve gotten back, Rebekah and I and then Dana and I have pickled 13 pints of jalapeños. That doesn’t include the 6 pints from earlier in the summer. And they’re still growing. And we still have some in the fridge as we picked more than we canned. So that means it’s time to stuff a few!



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