Fall Cancellations

The first weekend in October is the annual Fall Festival at the Folk School just down the road. It is an annual event for us, and this year we were going to work admissions Saturday morning in exchange for free admission and lunch. But for the first time in their history, they are canceling the event.


The copious amounts of rain we have gotten already this week combined with what we are expecting the remainder of the weekend left little doubt that between parking, vendors unable to set up, live outdoor music not being able to be played, etc., it was just going to be a big mess. Sad all the way around.

I think some fall cleaning is on the schedule now instead.

The kids are moving along in school. Work-wise we’ve passed the half-way point. So far no one, teachers or students, has thrown in the towel yet. And we are about to enter a stretch where we read three pretty decent novels in a row: Pride and Prejudice, Tale of Two Cities, and Jane Eyre. Lauren makes her first stab at the ACT in a  couple of weeks, and we’ve got to start thinking about college visits already for her. Seems like we just did this.

The youth from our church (including Lauren) who help lead music occasionally at church are going to be leading worship at the community Thanksgiving service next month. It is a joy to watch them play together and probably even more of a joy to watch them practice together. They have lots of fun and are a great group of kids.

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