First Freeze and What That Doesn’t Mean

We had our first freeze of the year this morning. That’s a little earlier than normal but not by much. Overall, though, it has been a little warmer than usual. The sad news about that is I am reminded that I don’t get to go out and change the chickens water. A week and a half ago, I left the door to their coop open and some varmint got them. So we are now chickenless. It has been rather sad to not look out during the day and see them roaming around the back yard. I don’t know if we’ll try again or not. We certainly won’t until spring at least unless something strange happens.

We’ve been thinking that the colors are a little late, but looking back at some old pictures, our hill looks about the same as it has in previous years, with maybe just a little less color overall.

Here are a couple of pictures from this week:



Lauren took the PSAT on Wednesday and she takes the ACT next Saturday. We are over half way finished with the semester and this week we don’t meet in our Classical Conversations group. I am thankful for the break, but the girls still have work to do. I can also catch up on some grading that I have to do. On Friday Lauren’s class is taking a field trip to the High Museum in Atlanta as they have an art critique assignment due in a few weeks. We have been studying art history all fall, and so we are going to let them try their hand at critique. And of course on the way back, we will stop at our favorite hobby store and get our annual Thanksgiving puzzle.

Won’t be long now before Jenna is home for Thanksgiving. The good news is that we don’t have to go get her or take her back. She is bringing two or three friends home, one of whom is driving. Can’t wait to see her. She is already having  to think about next semester as she registers for classes in a couple of weeks. But her current semester is going well and she is enjoying her classes.

Since running doesn’t seem to agree with me—in the early fall, I hurt my ankle as I had started running again—and since I need to get some exercise, I have started swimming. There is a pool in town that they put a dome over from October to April. 1st week down was not too bad. We’ll see how I feel about heading out in the dark and sub-freezing weather once winter really kicks in.

If the freeze didn’t get the garden last night, it probably will tonight as it is supposed to be colder. But it was a good year in the garden. There are still cherry tomatoes growing and peppers and the okra is still producing, but it has slowed considerably. We canned some pickled okra (though we ate most of it) and over 20 pints of jalapeños. We have planted some spinach and kale, and I think it will do fairly well against frost in the coming days. But everything else will get pulled up probably early next week.



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1 Response to First Freeze and What That Doesn’t Mean

  1. We had our first freeze here too (NW Indiana). I’m really not looking forward to winter and the freeze just reminds me how close it is lol, but I will enjoy fall while it lasts.
    Sounds like your family is doing really well and growing as far as education goes. Your view is also beautiful! Sorry to hear about your chickens though. Someday I’d like to have a little piece of land and my own chickens.

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