Last Thursday, the hill across the way looked about like it did in the picture from the last post. Friday morning, when we left for a field trip to the art museum in Atlanta, it was foggy, and the hill was hidden from view. We didn’t get back from Atlanta until dark, so we didn’t see it then either. Saturday morning we woke up to a completely different view. It seems that someone painted the hill overnight, and not just the hill but the whole county. This has definitely been one of the prettiest falls since we’ve been here. And as always, the camera just won’t do it justice. I don’t know if it is because it has been mostly overcast all week or not.

This was last Wednesday:


This was three and four days later:





Again, the picture looks really nothing like the hill actually looks. Not sure why.

The museum trip was fun. The kids had to pick a piece of art and write a formal critique. They will present those in class in a few weeks. This is the piece Lauren is writing on.


One of our favorites was this marble statue which has the appearance of an actual veil.


Last night, we canned 5 quarts of apple sauce. Dana and a friend had gone down to the apple orchard in north Georgia and came back with a bushel of apples. She’s already made a couple of batches of apples sauce that we’ve eaten, but last night we finally cleared off the counter of apples and added some jars to the cabinets.


Lauren and the other high school kids from church who play together have a busy month ahead. Lauren and the girl who sings are leading worship for a women’s retreat next weekend. The whole band is helping to lead worship for the community Thanksgiving service in Andrews as well as a revival for another church in a couple of weeks. And they are leading worship for us this Sunday.

And now less than a month before Jenna is home.



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1 Response to Fall

  1. Sheri says:

    The colors here are beautiful as well. I cannot capture them in a photo either, so I am just enjoying them,

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