Full Nest

Jenna is home! We left to get her Sunday after church. We enjoyed a nice dinner with her and our nieces who also go to school in Mississippi just a few miles from Jenna. They will be spending next semester in Spain.

Jenna had her last final Monday morning (and finished the semester with all A’s), and we got home that night. It’s good to have everyone back under the same roof for a few weeks. And now that Jenna is home, the tree is up:




Our church blessed us with a trip to see the Biltmore all decorated for Christmas. We are looking forward to that the Sunday after Christmas. In the meantime there are homeschool parties, church parties, and a Star Wars movie. The two younger girls have a little school to finish up, but we had our last class of the semester on Tuesday. It has been a good semester with lots learned. Next semester will see Rebekah doing Mock Trial and a science fair in addition to everything else. Lauren will be as busy as ever, but she is looking forward to music history next semester and a trip to the Atlanta Symphony.

And finally, a good friend from church thought this might make a good Christmas card for us; I’m not sure it will make it in any Christmas cards though!

05 IMG_3488


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One Response to Full Nest

  1. Sheri says:

    I know you are glad to have Jenna home. Have a blessed Christmas season!
    Love, Sheri

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