No, that doesn’t mean we’re against Christmas. It does mean that our youth group’s Christmas party was a contra-dancing Christmas party. It was a fun time. I forgot my camera, and my phone takes lousy pictures, but…

IMG_0441 (1)

A pre-dance, white elephant gift exchange.

IMG_0447 IMG_0449

A lot of this same group also gathered last night to go see the new Star Wars movie. We were a little underwhelmed, but it was also a fun evening. Tomorrow the girls are going to a birthday party, Monday is tamale making day, Tuesday we are having a game night with some friends.

We are joining another church for our Christmas Eve service this year, so I have one less thing to plan. I am thankful for their offer and am looking forward to it. Unlike five years ago, no snow is forecast for Christmas. In fact, it’s supposed to be in the 60s with a chance of rain. Oh, well.

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