Skiing and Science Fair and Spring Break

February has almost run its course. Hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner. Time to start thinking about gardening!

I’m not sure where February went. We did enjoy a trip skiing on one of our days off from school.


And Lauren’s class is still busy dissecting things—most recently a frog:


Rebekah participated in her class’s science fair last week. Her experiment had to do with whether the temperature of apples affected their ability to absorb tastes from other foods.

IMG_2071 IMG_2084 IMG_2097

On Thursday, Lauren’s class will be traveling down to Atlanta to attend a symphony. One of the pieces we are studying in Western Cultural History this semester is Brahm’s 4th and that just happens to be what the Atlanta Symphony is performing. Lauren will head back to NC with some friends, and Dana and I will head west to get Jenna for spring break! It will be nice to have our soon-to-be-published writer home for a full week. She found out yesterday that she had a poem selected to go in the school’s fine arts journal. While I’m hoping the weather quickly warms up, Jenna is hoping for a snow while she’s home. I guess that’s what happens when one spends a winter in Mississippi!

Dana is heading back to Texas in about three weeks to help her mom and dad move. Lauren and Rebekah have promised to help cook so that we don’t starve! I’m sure they’ll do fine.


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