Thursday, Lauren’s class went to Atlanta for our spring formal event with Classical Conversations. Despite traffic—the two and a quarter hour trip took three and a half—we had a great time, even if we did have to do a little running to make it to the symphony on time. The food at the restaurant was good, but the music was better: a violin concerto by Debelius (Augustin Hadelich) and Brahms 4th (one of the pieces we have studied this year in Western Cultural History)

IMG_2138 IMG_214210629553_10208944944801729_1688311263367952269_n

We had dropped Rebekah off with a friend before we headed down, Lauren rode back with one of her friends, and Dana and I then headed west to begin the journey to get Jenna, stopping in Oxford Alabama sometime after midnight. So Thursday night, the Herrington family stayed in three different states in four different places (none in North Carolina). After traveling through five states on Friday (two of them twice) and fourteen hours, everyone is back home! And we get to all be together for a week before Jenna goes back next Sunday.

Jenna was hoping for snow while she was home, but I think she will miss it. After snowing on us half way down to Atlanta on Thursday, the weather looks to be nice and decently warm this week. After a start in the mid 20s this morning, it will be in the 60s today and most of the rest of the week. The garden is calling!

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