Cooling, Camp, College

We got a new A/C, Heating Unit today. The old one went out. And it is times like this that I’m glad we are renting. The old unit was part gas, and the new one is all electric. I’m curious how it will all pan out bill-wise come winter. Hopefully, the new one will be a little more efficient for summer cooling.

Lauren found out that she will be working at camp this summer, second half, doing the same thing she did last year: assistant counselor for the kids camps. Jenna, however, is not working at camp this summer. And while we are sad for her, we are glad for us that she will be home all summer! Which means she will also get to help me as I’ve got a summer book club with some homeschoolers in the works.

Tomorrow, Lauren is going to spend two days at Covenant College for a college visit. This is number two of several this spring. When we go pick up Jenna in May, we will probably visit both Samford and Mississippi College. Not sure where else we’ll visit, but I’m sure there will be more.

Dana returned on Saturday from a week in Texas helping with her mom and dad’s move off the farm to Waco. We are glad to have her back, but we did manage to survive with wonderful help from the girls.

And finally, we know that spring has arrived as I mowed the yard for the second time yesterday. Unfortunately, the yard is just as big this year as it was last year.


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  1. We look forward to seeing you at Mississippi College!

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