Off then On

There’s an interesting phenomenon around here where they turn off and on the two rivers where you can go white-water rafting. Going to Chattanooga this morning to get Lauren, the Ocoee was off—no water coming out of the dam upstream—hardly a trickle of water in the river, just a rock strewn water bed. On the way back, it was turned on, roaring rapids, and rafters galore.

And this just so happens to mirror Jenna’s summer plans. She had heard earlier this week that she was not going to be on work staff. So we were glad she was coming home. On Friday, however, they called her and asked her if she would be willing to be the administrative assistant for the whole summer—actually a longer job than work staff. She accepted that job this afternoon. We will miss having her home and miss having her go with us to Texas, but we are excited about the opportunity she has to go back to a place she really enjoys and be stretched in a much different position.

As I said, we got Lauren back from her visit to Covenant this morning. She had a good time, met some new people, sat in on some classes, and got to experience dorm life just a little. I’m not sure about the pull-over she’s wearing in the photo, though.


Lauren and I have a week off from school this coming week. We are both thankful, Lauren, especially, since she was gone two days this week.

But to start our week, Rebekah is having her birthday sleepover (only about a month late), and so tomorrow night there will be 9 or so extra people at the house!



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