Another Year

We finished up another year of Classical Conversations today. It has been such a joy to hang out with these kids every Tuesday.


One of the things I had them do today was rank the books we read this year from favorite to least favorite. Here are the results with the average scores:

Screwtape Letters                              3.0
Jane Eyre                                            3.7
The Hobbit                                         4.0
Animal Farm                                     5.6
Out of the Silent Planet                   6.4
A Morbid Taste for Bones               6.6
Favorite Father Brown Stories      8.2
Pride and Prejudice                         9.1
A Tale of Two Cities                          9.3
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight  10.3
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 11.4
The Pilgrim’s Progress                      11.8
Robinson Crusoe                                12.2
Gulliver’s Travels                              12.8
Beowulf                                               13.1
A Passage to India                            13.4
“The Knight’s Tale”                              13.5
Something Beautiful for God         13.8

I will not miss Latin so much this summer, but because I miss reading and discussing good literature with these kids, we are continuing on this summer with some more reading and getting together every couple of weeks. We are starting with Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton.

We still have a little math to do around here, and Rebekah has Mock Trial on Thursday, but other than that, another school year is in the books at Herrington Homeschool.

And it’s less than a week until we get to see Jenna again.

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