Mock Trial

Rebekah had her Mock Trial today. The judge, like with Lauren’s class two years ago, was very impressed. They thought on their feet well and did a good job asking questions (as lawyers) and answering questions (as witnesses).

They did two rounds, with each team being the prosecution and defense, and both times the prosecution won. But the final point count was our CC group 187 and Asheville’s group 178.

Unlike in a real court case, the judge let me take pictures. 🙂

This is both groups, ours on the left, Asheville’s on the right, with Rebekah right in the middle.


In the first round Rebekah was the officer who responded to a dog attack—the owner was on trial for murder.


In round two, Rebekah was the neighbor who witnessed the attack.


I’m including a picture of the Asheville defense team to show part of the crowd. There were lots of people in attendance, which made the kids’ work even more impressive.


So another year has come to an end (except for math!). Rebekah will soon be classified as a freshman and Lauren a senior—which is why we’re off on two more college visits early next week when we go get Jenna. She finished her last class of her freshman year yesterday and has only finals left.


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3 Responses to Mock Trial

  1. Sheri says:

    Where did the time go?

  2. Good, beautiful and true says:

    Such a great experience. I think mock trial has been one for the favorite homeschool experiences from my son to date.

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