Two More Visits, The Latest Thing, & Back Together

We visited two more colleges, Samford (where we meet Mr. Beeson) and Mississippi College (where we saw the floating globe, called the kugel). Oh, and we also learned about the actual schools.


Samford is in Birmingham. Mississippi College is in Clinton, a suburb of Jackson, where Jenna is. It is also where their cousins, Emily and Elizabeth go to school. After four college visits (five if you count that Lauren went on Jenna’s Belhaven visit), we’re not sure where she’ll end up, or if we’ll visit any more. Lots to think about.

It seems the latest thing—at least in various places in Mississippi—is the gourmet popsicle. Jenna took us to Deep South Pops in Jackson today. I was tempted by the pineapple jalapeño, but settled for the strawberry lemonade instead.


And while we were there, it seemed a good time to get a picture of the sisters back together again.


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