Texas Trip

2800 miles later, we’re home from a long trip to Texas. But we had a good time and did some of this stuff:

  1. Saw our youngest cousin.


2. Built a large building.


3. Saw the pot that is still sitting where we left it when we sold this house 9 years ago.


4. Visited my rocket-building cousin.



5. Went swimming.


6. Discovered that they are once again making a drink I loved from the late 80s and early 90s.


7. Did craft stuff.


8. Celebrated Daniel Bailey’s graduation.


9. Ate lots of food.


10. Saw lots of cousins.


11. Got to see Doc and Roberta’s new house and visit with them somewhere besides the farm.


12. And played games.


I also read David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers. Lauren drove 75 mph, and we didn’t tell her to slow down. We spent several hours in Sulphur Springs, TX getting a new starter for the van (but while we waited, we got to watch several episodes of Love It or List It on HGTV!). We saw several old friends in Temple when we visited our old church. And we saw Jenna at camp on the way home.

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