Camp Macon

The family (minus Jenna and Lauren) returned from Mission Camp Macon last night. The week long camp involves student missionaries from Noxubee County and around the south who seek to minister to students from the county. Some of the student missionaries go into various churches and community centers to lead kids camp, a VBS type ministry to younger students, while over 200 junior high and high school kids are bused out to Lake Forest Ranch for a sports camp. The kids are broken up into 20 teams, with three student missionaries per team, and they participate in volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, archery tag, and angleball. They also participate in non-competitive activities like horseback riding, zip line, rock wall climbing, archery, and fishing.

The beginning of the day begins with student missionaries leading Bible studies and sharing their faith. The ministry seeks to bring different races together to experience fun, friendship, and fellowship with God in a way that speaks loudly to our current culture which finds itself divided in many ways along racial lines. It was a joy to be a part of this work which began back in 2004 and to spend time with people who love to see walls broken down and learn from them. It was also fun to see the cousins from Waco who were also there!

Everyone but William.

IMG_2690 IMG_2708

The girls with a friend from church who went with us. IMG_2712

Lauren with one of the girls from kids camp.


And even though Jenna got to leave the office and be a mentor to a group of student missionaries, she still had to do some work, like belaying for the rock wall:


We’ll go back to get the girls at the end of camp in August.

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