New Beginnings

Last weekend saw us spending about 30 hours in the car from Friday to Monday: a trip to Texas for a wedding (new beginnings #1) and then back through Mississippi to drop Jenna off for her sophomore year (new beginnings #2) and then home. Despite so much time behind the wheel, we got to see some family we didn’t get to see on our May trip to Texas, so it was worth it. The girls did a great job of getting school work done in the car as they had much to do. And we got to sneak in a free Andrew Peterson concert in Jackson on Sunday night.

Wedding Pics



The girls with cousin Tracie


The Watzlavicks with a cousin photobomb.


Before the Andrew Peterson concert (finally, someone took a picture of me!)


The girls in the parking lot of Jenna’s new dorm.


And it’s about time for round two of pepper canning. But it will have to wait until after the baby shower that is being held here tomorrow for a lady from church.


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