A Little Spicy Update

School has been the norm over the last few weeks. We are 1/3 of the way through with the semester already (at least Lauren and I—Rebekah’s class is taking a couple of breaks along the way).

It has been unseasonably warm for this time of year—92° yesterday—and dry. While the mornings have cooled off, several in the 50s as of late, the days have not. As I usually swim in the mornings, the pool has cooled off noticeably in the last couple of weeks. They will put the dome up in a couple of weeks.

The garden is still putting out copious amounts of cherry tomatoes—hundreds actually, and green beans and okra. And while we ate no tomatoes tonight, we did enjoy stuffed jalapeños and peach jalapeño salsa. Good and spicy!


We think Lauren is about to start giving piano lessons. She has a potential student, and we’re trying to nail down days and times in the midst of a busy senior year. Speaking of which, we hope to have our first graduation meeting soon with the parents of the other kids who are graduating this year. It looks like Lauren will be one of ten homeschoolers from our community who will graduate this year. And hopefully we will have a date sooner than later, though coordinating with 9 families’ schedules (one family has twins) will probably be difficult.

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