Company, Color, Costumes

We had a great visit with John and Kim a couple of weeks ago. In the process, we also saw some nice color, though the peak was after they left.

dsc_0288 dsc_0290 dsc_0315


Lauren’s in the process of applying to Covenant, and we should get their offer by the middle of December.

A girl in our church decorates her house for Halloween every year in some book theme and then does a fun little “play.” The youth group is usually involved in decorating and acting. This year’s version was C.S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair. Rebekah was a giant (she had stilts), and Lauren was Puddleglum (the main tour guide).

img_3119 img_3120

And just like that October is over. Which means we’ll get to see Jenna in about three weeks!

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