It could be a lot worse, and it hasn’t been that long, but I’m ready for the smoke to move on.


But in the meantime, we are looking forward to having Jenna home in a little over a week for Thanksgiving. She’s bringing two friends with her. Lauren has just two Tuesdays left of class this semester. Since her teacher is leaving the country after Thanksgiving, she gets a rather lengthy (7 week) Christmas break. There are some assignments that need to be completed over the break, but that’s a long time. She can, however, spend those extra hours on scholarship applications!

Rebekah doesn’t finish until December 13, and Jenna finishes around then too. I’ll be back on the 16th. Then the younger girls and I start back on January 10, and Jenna goes back on January 15. Everyone is ready for the break!

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2 Responses to Smoke

  1. Sheri says:

    I do hope the smoke goes away soon. Any more fires?

    • mdjlrnc says:

      None around here that I know of, and they are making progress on the ones that do exist, but estimated complete containment dates stretch into December. Rain would really help!

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