We traveled back to Mississippi this past week—just ten days after taking Jenna back to school—for Lauren to interview for a scholarship at Mississippi College. They fed us a nice meal on Thursday night, and then Lauren interviewed Friday morning. Another of the numerous yearly treks to Mississippi completed. While there, we got to see Jenna and Emily and Elizabeth, and Lauren got to see some friends from camp as well. Dana had been in Texas visiting her folks and flew into Jackson to meet us.

img_0895 img_0898

She should find out in a couple of weeks if she is one of the four (out of 200) who will get a full scholarship or one of the 40 who will get an additional $3000/year to what they’ve already offered. Then in late February, she interviews at Covenant College for a $5000/year scholarship. Then it will be time to make a decision.

School is humming along; the girls are working hard on papers, speeches, debates, and projects. We are looking forward to Kelsie’s wedding in March in Kerrville. It will be the first Spring Break we’ve spent in Texas in 7 years.

After a warm middle January, the cold—and snow chances—have returned.

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