Bad Apples

I have been using Apple computers for—well, almost since I’ve been using computers. Well over 20 years. We had our first ever hard drive fail on the girls school laptop—a computer we bought used a few years back. I don’t know what the hard drive failure rate is among computers—Apple or otherwise—but I imagine one in 20+ years is below average. With the price coming down on SSD drives, though, I imagine hard drive fails will become increasingly rare.

In other news, we are looking forward to a week-long break from school next week as our Classical Conversations group is not meeting. Everyone is looking forward to a little extra time to catch-up, work on other things, rest, etc. Usually we go skiing during the break week, but it has been so warm here and is supposed to be in the 60s during the homeschool day at the slopes, that we will probably pass this year. Skiing in slush is not our favorite thing to do.

We are also less than a month away from our first trip of the year to Texas for a niece’s wedding.

And just a heads up: we’re at the center of the total solar eclipse that is happening in August. If anyone wants to come hang out with us…

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