School, Camp, and Driver’s Ed

We are quickly approaching the beginning of school for all the girls. We take Lauren on the 18th to Covenant, Jenna on the 27 to Belhaven, and Rebekah—well, that’s up in the air. For the first time in 6 years, I will not be tutoring a Classical Conversations class and Rebekah will not be with any of her classmates. For lots of reasons, her class disintegrated over the last week or so, and so she is left without classmates, and we are left scrambling to figure out what she will be doing for her sophomore year. Since she wants to join the class below her next year when they move up to Challenge II (order is not necessarily that important in Classical Conversations in the high school level), we need to come up with something else. So the plan right now is World Literature (The Odyssey, Cry the Beloved Country, Les Miserables, some Russian short stories, and Don Quixote, but that’s not set in stone), Algebra II, Spanish, Botany, and US History. We are looking for one more class to fill out the year. And then at some point in time, she’ll start, probably between Lauren’s departure and Jenna’s. But in the mean time, I need to write some curriculum plans so we can get started.

On Sunday afternoon our youth group will begin a week we are calling Camp Cherokee. It is modeled after the week they spend in Mississippi every year that they have wanted to implement here. We are doing a day camp for about 40 elementary kids that we help tutor during the school year. Then in the afternoon and evening, we’ll do camp stuff with just our youth. Should be a fun week.

And finally, in another “last” for the Herrington household, our last daughter has finished a week of driver’s ed. She now has to drive for 6 hours with the driver’s ed instructor (don’t know when that will happen), and then she’ll get her permit.

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