Camp Cherokee

We had a wonderful week at Camp Cherokee. We had 26 kids from Andrews come out each day to the day camp our youth initiated, planned, and ran. It was a fun week of building relationships with the kids (and some parents), sharing God’s love, and having lots of fun. While there are a few tweaks we will make if we do this again next year, overall it was a great success, and Jenna did a great job with the planning and organizing. And as usual all of our youth stepped up and did what was asked of them. Everyone had a great time. A few pictures from the week:

Now hopefully everyone can catch up on their sleep before we take Lauren to school in less than a week.

Last Sunday was a sad day as a couple of our seniors helped lead worship at church for the last time. Jacob and Lauren have been a blessing to our church for the last couple of years by sharing their talents with us and they will be missed and for far more than just their abilities to share music.



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