Comings and Goings

Dana spent a week with her mom during the first of October while I was out of town. And on Friday, we picked Lauren up from Covenant for a long weekend—she’s off on Monday and Tuesday. It has been nice to have her home for a few days.

We missed the Fall Festival at the Folk School this year since we were both out of town. Other than the year it was rained out, I believe that’s the first one we’ve missed since we’ve been here.

I will be a Classical Conversations tutor again, briefly. I am subbing for the freshman class this Tuesday. Hopefully, this will be the bunch I will inherit (and that Rebekah will join) next year. I know most of them, and it should be fun—other than discussing Billy Budd, one of my least favorite books we read in CC. They would happen to be doing that one, the week I am there.

Speaking of reading, Rebekah and I have started Les Miserables for our world literature class. I am excited to get to read it again, and Rebekah is enjoying it so far. In addition to that, she is also reading an account of Lewis and Clark for US history.

So we are staying busy as we near the midpoint in the semester with school; piano lessons; tutoring—we’re all doing that—some paid, some volunteer; babysitting; events with the youth group and church; and the comings and goings of daily life. Busy, but good.

The garden is still going strong as we’ve had a long bout of warmish weather. But it is supposed to be in the 30s at night most of the week, so things should begin to slow down considerably. The warm weather has kept the green on the trees longer than normal. By this time, the hill across the way, is usually pretty colored; it is still mostly green. This week should move things along, hopefully.

Finally, there is a house that we’ve had our eyes on for a couple of months or so that may be difficult to obtain. It is going into foreclosure, and I’m not sure how hard it will be to seek to buy it, as it is not a local bank who has the note. But we are going to pursue it, nonetheless. We should know something by November.

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