It’s Been Awhile!

I don’t think we’ve ever been this long without some sort of update. I’m not sure what happened. But it has been a fun-filled and busy month and a half. The visit with the Baileys was lots of fun, but really cold: it was 0° the morning they left. And January proved to be a very cold month with probably close to a dozen mornings in the single digits. February, however, has been much warmer: it’s currently 68° outside.

We did get another snow in January, though not nearly as big as the one in December. We got Jenna and Lauren back to school, both of whom came down with something right after they got back: Lauren with the actual flu, Jenna with a bad cough. Rebekah also got a bad cough and ran a fever for a few days, but Dana and I have stayed well, thankfully with everything that is going around. We are very thankful that Dana has stayed well considering she babysits little kids all day Tuesday for our homeschool group and Sunday nights for another church.

In January, Rebekah and I went to Atlanta with the Classical Conversations class she will be a part of next year to observe a debate tournament. That is the same class I will be tutoring next year. They are a very talkative bunch, but I am looking forward to starting that back up again. The break this year has been nice though.

Rebekah is staying busy with school: Botany, Algebra II, US History, Spanish, World Literature, and Piano. She also helps to lead worship during our monthly youth nights, babysits on Sunday nights, and is getting in hours of driving for her license. Plus she’s still contra dancing on Tuesday nights and playing soccer in the Brasstown Community Center gym most Wednesday nights with others from our youth group.

As a family, we are part of an after school tutoring program in Andrews each Wednesday afternoon. That’s been a fun part of each week for us.

Last week, Dana went to a class on growing shiitake mushrooms. If all goes well, we’ll have some by this fall.

We are looking forward to having the girls home for spring break in a couple of weeks. Lauren’s if first, and Jenna’s is the week after, so they will only overlap a weekend.

I am in need of another form of exercise. The pool where I have been swimming for the last two and half years has closed until the summer. They have had some financial issues off and on for several years, and they can no longer afford to heat the pool in the winter—plus the pool heaters are currently broken. I am hoping everything gets worked out before fall gets here, but in the meantime, I guess it will be back to walking.

Finally, I have a new short-term, part time job doing some writing for an organization that’s in—well, I don’t know if they actually have a central location. I’ve skyped with people from Dallas and Ohio, and I have another skype this week with someone who I think is in West Virginia. All that to say, I am producing some booklets on church unity, one for sure, and if they and I are both happy with the process and product, then four more by the end of the summer. I am looking forward to the process.

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