Spring Break, Part 1

Spring Break can be a little odd when you homeschool and have sisters in college. We picked up Lauren last night from Covenant and she’ll be home with us for a week. Rebekah is enjoying—mostly—time off from school while she’s home.

Then on Thursday of next week, we’ll get Jenna home for a week, and Rebekah will enjoy—mostly—time off from school while she’s home. She’s going to do a little math and Spanish and take a leisurely pace through the next section of Crime and Punishment, but Botany and history will go by the way-side for a couple of weeks.

It is good to have Lauren home, and we are thankful that there will be at least a little overlap with her and Jenna.

A week after I got my refund from the pool since it is closed until summer—and they said there is no guarantee that it will ever be anything other than a summer pool—there was an article in the paper that said they had received some funding and hoped to open it back up soon. I don’t think I’m going to rush back over and hand them more money.

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