Spring Snow

Since spring is here, I should change the picture on the blog—except it’s snowing this morning. We’re not going to get much, but it is sticking to the trees and grass a little. And there’s another chance of snow this weekend, so maybe I’ll hold off on changing the picture to a spring time view. Despite the snow, spring is showing up here. Trees are budding and flowering; the daffodils are blooming, and I’ve mowed part of the yard once already.

And speaking of spring, it was good to have both girls home for spring break, even though they only overlapped a weekend. Lauren was here the first week in March, and Jenna the second. Unfortunately, both girls had a decent amount of work to do—which seems to put a damper on the term break. Lauren has the Friday and Monday of Easter off, so we will get her home again that weekend. Then they will both be home for the summer in early May.

For the past 10 years, Jenna has gone to Lake Forest Ranch either as a camper or as a staff member. This will be the first year since she was 10 that she hasn’t been. She’s just planning on hanging out with us all summer and working. Lauren and Rebekah are planning on going to the mission camp in July, and Rebekah has applied to work the last three kids’ camps. So this will be the 11th year that at least one of our kids has made the trip to Mississippi.

Our youth are putting on the day camp again this summer for the kids we help tutor during the school year. It’s been fun to see the kids take the responsibility for organizing, planning, and running the camp. And this weekend—if the weather cooperates—we’re having a picnic for the kids and their families.

Finally, still no news on the house front. The house we are still waiting to go into foreclosure hasn’t, and there has been nothing else up for sale that we’ve been interested in. So we’ll keep waiting.

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2 Responses to Spring Snow

  1. Sheri says:

    We are having heavy snow here! Dawn and kiddos off to london tomorrow to meet paul

    • mdjlrnc says:

      Is it the kids’ spring break? How long do they get to stay? We’re going to be in Texas in May this year, so I don’t think we’ll make the 4th. We’ll sure miss seeing everyone.

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